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At The Sustainable Science Academy No.1 your child will explore and learn to broaden their horizons with our early Ivy League education curriculum. Our preschool and pre-kindergarten curriculum is designed with the expertise and knowledge that children are born with a vast capacity for learning. Our goal is provide a thematic curriculum, which focuses on developing primary skills through children’s interactions in the environment and learning activities planned by the teacher.


SSA Curriculum

The curriculum will build essential skills in early literacy, math and science, which will expose the child to a wide variety of learning experiences. One of the key goals for the Academy is to enhance current knowledge and open the door to the true power and capabilities of. The spiraling approach in the curriculum encourages your child to reinforce and retain their learning.












Social Skills

At SSAno1, we plan to equip children essential social skills through character development and the development of personal relationships. By creating an all-inclusive environment that includes Home, School, and Community connection, children will be able to communicate in an efficient manner.

The small group environments provided the children will build relationships and confidence in their overall learning and development.










At the SSAno1, we plan to build skills and creativity through hands on experiences.


















The SSAno1’s Ivy League Program creates a connection to reinforce your child's learning. Daily Notes provide parents with detailed information regarding daily activities. SSA’s curriculum provides a training program for teachers to ensure that the child’s preschool experience prepares them for Kindergarten success. Positive, nurturing relationships, responsive interactions and discovery between the child and adult fosters your child's learning. Children will have the opportunity to develop self-confidence to explore new ideas while developing a passion for learning!!!


At SSAno1, we understand that learning is a journey, and preschool is an important milestone along the path.






Sign Language


Emergent Writing


Counting & Number Skills






Life Science (Plants/Animals)

Physical Sciences (Energy & Matter)

Earth & Space

Science Method

Environmental Print

Family & Community Connection

Becoming a responsible community member


Everyday Living

Personal Safety

Self-Help Skills

Character Development

Pro Social Behavior

Taking Turns




Art & Sensory

Fine motor development

Listening and following directions

Develop creativity

Art Appreciation

Music & Movement

Reinforce math skills such as patterning

Reinforce vocabulary skills

Listening and following directions

Music Appreciation


Dramatic Play

Social Development

Social Roles

Develops skills of negotiation and compromise

Outdoor Activities

Gross Motor Development



Agriculture Activities



Gross Motor Coordination

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