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Infants are just starting out their journey in life and specialized attention is a necessity. At The Sustainable Science Academy our teachers plan to develop the fundamentals for early brain development through our Early Explorers Infant Program. Teachers provide interactive curriculum activities throughout the entire day in through seven substance areas:


  • Consistent Routines Followed With Repetition   

  • Teaching Word Usage

  • Story Time

  • Lunch Time Chat

  • Yummy Time

  • Recreation and Relaxation

  • Everyday Exercise



Curriculum activities deliberately designed to help your child develop his/her attention system. There will be specific activities for tracking, developing visual perception and attentiveness. We will use responsive care to meet the unique individual needs of each child based on the child's age and developmental ability.



The Sustainable Academy will provide curriculum and activities that are designed to help your child bond and develop a sense of safety and security. We plan to accomplish our goals through nurturing, consistent care and relationship building. Primary care groupings to facilitate bonding and brain development Open door policy.



We plan to incorporate a linguistic rich environment that will include making sign language a classroom routine. This will also include baby Spanish language introduced at four months and incorporated into daily routines. There will be daily notes, weekly field reports, and on-going teacher-parent communication.


Home School Connection

Weekly reports will enrich the bonding between parent and child and will act as an extension of the classroom curriculum at the home environment. The curriculum will be designed to focus on age appropriate activities to foster early brain development reinforcing Responsiveness, Connecting and Interaction.



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