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National School Age


During a child’s time as a student, there are educational and social challenges. At SSAno1, we believe that the challenges can be easily overcome with self-confidence and skill. At The Sustainable Science Academy, our curriculum offers Ivy League programs for before and after school. We also plan to create a summer program that will allow participants to gain hands on experience in agriculture. This program will teach children how to properly plant, grow, and harvest crops. We plan to create an environment that combines freedom and structure with the right mix to inspire the child!


SSAno1's After School Program is unique in that we have a specifically designed classroom for the school age child.  Some features in our Afterschool Jungle are:

  • Computer Lab - Dedicated environment to develop computer and technical skills

  • Library - Complete Library to instill the love of reading with an extensive collection of literary interests 

  • Theater - Stage area for performances and musicals

  • Indoor Gym - Indoor court to utilize for physical development year round   


In addition to our after school program, we provide tutoring services in the following:

  • Science and Math

  • Art Masterpieces

  • Culinary Creations

  • Fitness


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